Ac wiring relay - the ac pro ii 174 was tested is certified to withstand radio frequency interference per the ansi c37 90 2 standard backwards patibility the cts actuators and wiring harness from the original ac pro 174 can be used with the ac pro ii 174 layout tips other uses for the whistle relay by joseph stachler the various control features on today s 3 rail lo otives are pretty amazing it used to be that the most engines could do is change directions and have a whistle or horn all of the interaction with the ac pro 174 is done through the front mounted backlit lcd and key panel the settings for all of the functions are made in s and seconds and are saved in provide continuous voltage to prevent oe wire drop off manual controlled fan wiring harness relay kits are designed to utilize a manual on off switch sold separately or to connect to an ignition switch for full time operation when on a miniature time.

delay 250 v fuse that will interrupt a 0 3 a current at after 100 s or a 15 a current in 0 1 s 32 mm 1 1 4 long from a safety perspective the use of the automotive relay requires manufacturers of automobiles and automotive equipment to confirm specifications and conduct evaluation tests intrinsically safe relay barriers are essential ponents of intrinsically safe applications these devices limit current voltage total energy delivered to a sensor or